In 1982, Wayne and Debbie Bryan purchased the Schwinn bike shop in College Station, Texas and changed the name to Aggieland Cycling and Fitness. Rod Wagner, the shop’s current owner, started working for them in 1994. In 1997, things took a tragic turn when Wayne passed away from a cycling accident.
In 1999, Rod, then the manager of the shop, purchased the store from Debbie. Shortly after, he changed the name to Aggieland Cycling and moved the shop from University Drive to Texas Avenue. In July 2014, we opened our second location on Valley View Drive.
Aggieland Cycling is a locally owned company and strives to give back to the B/CS community. The shop strongly supports the A&M Cycling Team, the A&M Tri Team, the College Station High School Composite mountain bike team, the Brazos Valley Mountain Bike Association (BVMBA), and the Brazos Valley Cyclists (BVC).
The Texas Avenue Location
José before the RAAM
The shop has also been able to support great local athletes:
José Bermúdez was the first person to complete the Race Across America (RAAM), Tour Divide, and Trans-Am Race. He has also complete the Iditarod Trail Invitational among other countless endurance cycling pursuits. 
Patrick Farnsworth has been a long time customer of Aggieland Cycling and Bryan Local, purchasing his first bike here as a kid. Today he runs the Bikes or Death Podcast and is helping to grow the bikepacking community.
Kerry Snow-Alley was a member of the Aggieland Cycling Race team. She has competed in the local Gran Gravel 500 among other endurance events.